Unit 2
Applications and Effects

1. A word processing system could be used in any of the following circumstances except that of:
producing standard letters
preparing legal contracts
generating personnel records
calculating customer invoices

2. Carrying out work away from the office and communicating with the employer through the use of a computer and telecommunications equipment is known as:

3. Unauthorised access to data held on a computer system is described as:
a virus
a 'logic bomb'

4. Which of the following is not a clause from the Data Protection Act, 1984:
data must be obtained and processed fairly and lawfully
data must be held for as long as possible
data must be accurate and up to date
data must be surrounded by proper security

5. 'It is illegal to run pirated software' is one of the clauses from the:
Copyright Designs & Patents Act, 1988
Data Protection Act, 1984
Data Protection Registrar
The Computer Misuse Act, 1990

6. MS Works combines a spreadsheet module, a database module and a word processing module but you cannot buy one module separately. It is therefore:
a software suite
bespoke software
an integrated package
part of the OS

7. The process of encoding data to prevent unauthorised access, especially during transmission:
password protection
access rights
virus protection

8. Term which refers to the design and functionality of the environment:
work space

9. Which of the following would normally be associated with word processing software:
creating scenarios
using functions e.g. sum, average
specifying the number of decimal places
mail merge

10. Which of the following software packages would be most suitable for estimating the likely effects on profits of decreasing the entry price for a museum?
a spreadsheet
a presentation graphics package
word processing software
desktop publishing software

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